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Please follow these instructions.


Before purchasing, please try on the samples provided by the club. Refunds are not given on items that have been customized, such as being numbered, It is important to try on Uniforms. 

If you are having problems logging in. It is most likely one of two situations. 
1) Email invite went to your Spam
2) Email invite was sent to spouse or child email and not yours.
3) You have created an account previously, so you have access to store. If do not have access to products, please go to chat and request access. 

Delivery Dates

Player uniforms will be shipped in a delivery window depending on when you purchase. Please order by the following deadlines to ensure delivery within the specified window, inventory could be limited in your players size, so it is important to order early to avoid any delays. If your order has an item on backorder it may be delayed from these initial delivery windows. You will be notified in this case.

  • Order by July 21st to receive uniform within standard student delivery window. 
    Order until Aug 1st to receive between August 28th - Sept 8

Washing Instructions

To ensure longevity of the uniform, please wash all garments in cold water and air dry. Do not use fabric softener, as it can eat away at logos and numbers.

Thank you for your cooperation in purchasing your player's uniform. We look forward to a great season!

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